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                              for Alto Saxophone and Concert Band

                        Edited by R. Mark Rogers


        1-FULL SCORE                       3-1st TRUMPET in B-flat
        1-SOLO ALTO SAXOPHONE in E-flat    3-2nd TRUMPET in B-flat
        1-PICCOLO                          3-3rd TRUMPET in B-flat
        4-1st FLUTE                        2-1st HORN in F
        4-2nd FLUTE                        2-2nd HORN in F
        2-OBOE                             2-1st TROMBONE
        1-CLARINET in E-flat               2-2nd TROMBONE
                                           2-3rd TROMBONE
          (optional - not shown in score)  2-Baritone T.C.
        4-1st CLARINET in B-flat           3-Baritone B.C.
        4-2nd CLARINET in B-flat           4-TUBAS
        4-3rd CLARINET in B-flat           2-TIMPANI (3 drums) and BELLS
        2-BASS CLARINET in B-flat          3-PERCUSSION
        1-1st BASSOON
        1-2nd BASSOON                         Triangle, Tambourine, Snare Drum,
        4-ALTO SAXOPHONE in E-flat            Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals
        2-TENOR SAXOPHONE in B-flat
        1-BARITONE SAXOPHONE in E-flat     Duration: Approx. 7 Minutes
                                             Grade 4

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