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Program Notes

         In three movements: 1. Coronation March, 2. Kingsfold and 3. Variations on a
“Green” Theme. “Coronation March” is in ABA form with just a tip of the hat to
William Walton’s famous coronation marches written for British monarchs of the 20th
century. “Kingsfold” is a lovely setting of the modal English traditional tune set to the
text “O Sing a Song of Bethlehem,” featuring solos for flute and trumpet with chamber
music textures. “Variations on a ‘Green’ Theme” begins with a jig in the percussion
and reeds before slowly revealing the identity of the theme being varied -
“Greensleeves.” A tour de force for advanced middle school bands or small high school

             About the Composer

         David Mairs has received numerous commissions to compose for symphonic
bands and symphony orchestras, as well as choirs and small ensembles. He has been an
arranger for orchestras and bands for over fifty years. He began composing and
arranging while in high school and studied composition and arranging with Jerry Bilik
and Wallace Berry at The University of Michigan. A five-year member of the Marching
and Symphony Bands under Dr. William D. Revelli, Mairs immersed himself in the
sounds and techniques of composing and arranging for those ensembles as well as for
orchestra. While serving as Solo Horn of the U.S. Army Band in Washington, DC,
Mairs worked for Jerry Bilik and began his own career as a composer and arranger. He
continued writing while serving as Associate Principal Horn of the Pittsburgh
Symphony, a position he held for more than a decade.

         Mairs is beginning his twenty-first season as Music Director of the Mid-Texas
Symphony, having served for eleven years as Resident Conductor of the San Antonio
Symphony from 1988 to 1999. He has served as guest conductor for the Austin
Symphony, the Dallas Symphony, the Houston Symphony, and continues to be a
frequent guest conductor with the Flint Symphony.

         Mairs is a constant visitor to the rehearsal halls of public school bands and
orchestras throughout the state of Texas, serving as a clinician, arranger, and guest
conductor. He has also served as Musical Consultant for DCI's Phantom Regiment from

         David Mairs is currently enjoying the opportunity to compose for bands,
orchestras, choirs, and handbell choirs, as well as music for his grandchildren!
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