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Program Notes

         Credo is an ideal piece for young bands, particularly those with a large
percussion section. It is very carefully scored and cross-cued, so that almost any size
band can perform it. Composed in sonatina form, it is highly energetic and tuneful, and
the bass instruments have lots of fun, easy things to play. Like Prairie W inds Festival,
Credo is very safely scored, with Piccolo, 2nd Oboe, 2nd Bassoon, Contra-Alto
Clarinet, 3rd Trombone and Double Bass parts optional. Ranges are very reasonable; the
only sixteenth notes in the piece are in the snare drum.

                 James Barnes

                  James Barnes’ contribution to the band repertoire over the last half
century can hardly be overstated. His numerous works for concert band and orchestra
are extensively performed throughout the world, in such venues as Tanglewood, Boston
Symphony Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center in Washington,
DC, Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow and the Tokyo Metropolitan Concert Hall. Barnes
twice received the coveted American Bandmasters Association Ostwald Award, while
he has been the recipient of annual ASCAP Awards for composers of serious music for
over 30 years, along with other numerous honors and grants. The world-famous Tokyo
Kosei Wind Orchestra recorded three compact discs of his music. Barnes is
distinguished by having received commissions from all five of the major American
military bands in Washington, DC. James Barnes is Professor Emeritus of Music Theory
and Composition at the University of Kansas.
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